Buying Process

Are You Ready… Pre-Approved?

Have you spoken with a Loan officer/Mortgage Broker/Banker?

  • You should know what types of loans are available for you
  • Inquire about the steps involved when applying/obtaining a loan
  • Ask if you qualify for any down payment assistance programs
  • You should know how the loan process work
  • Be prepared to provide documentation

Are You Set…….to Shop?

Have you determined what you’re looking for in a home

  • Location (proximity to work, schools, place of worship, etc)
  • Any neighborhood Restrictions/HOA’s
  • Style, Age, Amenities, Features of the home you want
  • Does property taxes & homeowner’s insurance meet threshold
  • Be prepared to complete a private inspection

Go…….Closing on Your Home!

  • Notification of Clear to Close
  • Completing a walk-thru prior to close date
  • Coordination of Date, Time & Location of Closing
  • Scheduling of Utility Transfer
  • Present with you at the table
  • Key Exchange